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High Voltage Switching Operations


Course Duration: 5 Days

This course is intended for electrical workers and engineers working with HV switchgear in industrial facilities and networks. Emphasis is placed on practical switching exercises, performed either at our facilities or on the customer's own HV equipment. Participants are also taught switching theory and the responsibilities of permit users and recipients.

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High Voltage Switching Refresher


Course Duration: 2 Days

This course highlights relevant changes in standards and legislation, and revisits the site's specific HVIA procedures, including switching officer responsibilities, access, test and work permit issuing and recipient duties. It is for personnel who are already authorised switching officers and is recommended every 2 years.

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HV Functional Switching

Course Duration: 1 day

This course is intended for electrical and non-electrical personnel and provides training in how to safely isolate high voltage equipment for mechanical or production maintenance, (i.e. not for HVIA purposes). It is typically carried out on site, using the customer's equipment and procedures and the certification restricts participants' operations to the specific equipment they have been trained to isolate. The course duration depends on the number of participants and the equipment on which training is to be conducted.

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